How to earn Money from youtube in India in 2022

Earn Money from youtube

With 2 billion active users visiting YouTube regularly every month, the platform is one of the fastest online video sharing platforms on the market. Whether you’re starting a new channel or customizing it, we’re here to help.

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Do you want to know how to earn money from youtube in India. Although there is a lot of competition, there are still many content creators who can deliver high-quality content. With the right strategy, you can earn money on YouTube without expensive equipment. Here are the 7 best ways to monetize YouTube.

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If you want to build a brand and monetize online, it is a good idea to monetize your blog. A complete guide on how to blog and make money. The main goal is to create engaging content that attracts the most loyal people. In a moment, we will look at the different ways to monetize YouTube.

How to earn money from youtube in India?

Here are the 7 best ways to monetize and earn money from YouTube in India 2021. Not only that, but with the help of the best YouTube editing software and our list of best YouTube tools, you can get started on time.

YouTube Partner Program

The YouTube Affiliate Program is a great way to show ads on your channel videos and make money. But the channel needs suitable for this program. The basic conditions for monetizing your channel are:

  • Account must comply with the YouTube Partner Terms of Service.
  • You need to connect adsense account, they’ll review your application and give you approval or rejection.
  • You need to change your channel’s monetization settings.
  • Your channel must have at least 1,000 subscribers and should have been watched for 4,000 hours in the last 12 months and 10,000 views count.

When your channel has completed all of these steps, you’ll see a green icon in your account’s video manager. This shows that your videos are monetized and starting to make money. To earn more you you must upload multiple videos per week. To increase engagement, you need to focus on the quality of your content.

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You should also avoid anything that could lead to copyright infringement. Once you approve your channel in AdSense, you can place ads at the beginning, middle or after videos. There are 4 types of ads that can be displayed on a video. These include:

  • Skipable ads: these are ads that internet users can skip after 5 seconds. If viewers don’t watch these ads complete, it’s less profitable for YouTube users. Running CPM ads on your channel generates revenue per 1,000 ad views.
  • Non-skippable ads: Viewers cannot deliver these types of ads. These commercials are aired before the video starts and only last 15-20 seconds. You may earn a small fee for these ads as they are included in the pay range for each program.
  • Bumper advertisements: are short advertisements that cannot be skipped. It takes 6 seconds and it is another way to monetize YouTube.
  • Overlay ads:  are only available on the desktop version of YouTube. You can place it at the bottom of the page.

You can make money on YouTube using different types of ads. However, you can’t withdraw your earning until you earn $100. You also have to pay taxes. Youtube channel can take some time if you are just starting out as a YouTube user. However, you need to be consistent when posting content to YouTube.

Affiliate Products

Most YouTube users make more money by promoting affiliate products on their channel. Every time you start your YouTube journey, you can earn money through affiliate marketing. However, it is important to prioritize content quality and focus on building trust.

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You can also promote products that you find useful through affiliate marketing. Make sure you have a solution to your viewer’s problems when you show. Please do not submit links that are not related to the content.

One of the best ways to reach affiliate marketing is to focus your channel on product reviews and training. Before you begin, you need to register for an affiliate program. Shopify, Alidropship, Fiverr Affiliates, Amazon Associated, and Amazon Influencer programs. here are just a few tips to help you use affiliate links in your YouTube videos.

  • Always include your affiliate link in the first few lines of your description. Putting it in the last section makes it harder for your audience to see and click.
  • You should include links that are related to your channel niche. For example, if you are creating a technical video, you may see related affiliate products options.
  • You can mention in your video that viewers can purchase your merchandise by clicking on a link in the description box. The video description box contains affiliate links. You can also get paid when your audience buys from your link.


If your YouTube channel has measurable subscribers and high engagement rates, you can contact different brands related to your niche for Sponsorship. Brands can also contact you for sponsorship if your videos are related to their product.

However, you need to be careful when choosing a sponsor. Launching a product guarantees the quality of the product. You need to make sure you meet these criteria.

Here are some tips to help you in sponsorship.

  • You can negotiate charges of sponsorship directly with brands
  • The best part of sponsorship is you don’ have to pay YouTube fees because you can interact directly with the brand and the brand can pay you directly.You can choose a commission based option or get deal with fixed price.
  • It’s hard to get a sponsorship by starting a channel, but you can capture small brands.
  • There are many apps that can help you find video sponsors. Use it to find YouTube video sponsors.

By the way, if you want to promote brand in your video, you need to tell YouTube that Videos contain paid advertisements. This option is located on the Advanced tab of the Video Management section. You must inform YouTube that your video complies with the Google Ads guidelines.

Selling Merchandise

The most popular YouTube is selling products as part of their YouTube channel. Before you start, you need to know if your audience is interested. You can fill out a survey or ask to leave a comment. When starting a marchandise, you need to establish subscribers before starts selling your products.

You can use the product feature to sell a variety of products on YouTube. Ryan Kazi is a young YouTuber who makes about $21 million on YouTube and sells toys, t-shirts and more on YouTube, just like PewDiePie and many other prominent YouTube creators sell on YouTube.

Matthew Kitchi, a member of the metal band Trivium, claims to make 15-20% of YouTube's revenue by selling products on YouTube. As mentioned above, there are many things we can offer people. Jackets, mugs, t-shirts, or other products with quotes, logos, graphics, or channel names are some of the options.

You can also sell eBooks and other downloadable items, as a product. However, you should make sure you have a secure payment channel.

Crowdfunding And Donations

Crowdfunding and donations are another way to monetize YouTube. If you have loyal followers, you can start a crowdfunding. Many YouTube users create streams to raise funds for NGOs and other programs.

There are two ways to proceed with a Crowdfunding  plan. You can choose of recurring or project-based funding initiatives. Each of these plans have their own benefits.

Sometimes people pay that amount over and over to for recurring funding. It’s a great way to earn more money on YouTube because you can video chat face-to-face and take private lessons. Many YouTubers run these crowdfunding programs.

You can develop apps, movies, web series, books, webinar etc. For project-based crowdfunding

Many YouTube channels earn money from their loyal subscribers through this method. However, when organizing a funding, it is important to reward your audience. There are many websites that invest heavily in YouTube.

Channel Memberships, Super Chat, Super Stickers

Channel users can become a member by paying a small fee per month. But you must have to reward perks in the form of badges, custom emojies and members only live chat to your members.

5 benefits for channel members. However, you must make sure that everything you submit complies with the YouTube Terms of Service. You can also get different membership tiers. Super chat option and super stickers option are another way to make money on YouTube. These chats and stickers are a great way to engage with your viewers, and when you go live, your viewers can make purchase stickers and highlight their conversations.

It stands out from people because it is gorgeous. However, in order to use these features, you must monetize your channel and be a member of the website according to the YouTube Terms of Service. To use high-quality chat and stickers in your live broadcast:

YouTube Premium

YouTube Premium also helps creators to earn money. When premium members watch your videos you can earn money based on watch time. The only difference is that YouTube Premium has no ads, so you cannot monetize it with ads.

Many YouTube user base statistics show that YouTube Premium can monetize through the number of subscribers, watch time, and number of subscribers watching a video. You can monetize YouTube Premium by visiting YouTube Analytics.

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