Tips to Increase Your Website Traffic For Making More Sales

Increase Traffic

Internet traffic is the lifeblood of every website. The mere existence of a website does not guarantee visitors nor does its visual design automatically increase website traffic. 

Correct website architecture is only one of several factors essential for traffic generation, making search engine optimization (SEO) a constant strategy for website success.

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Except for the most aggressive marketing or PPC campaigns, much of a website’s traffic will come from search engine results that Internet users click to find specific products or services. The top 10 search results are without doubt the most profitable as Internet users often look no further than the first page of search results. 

The main purpose of SEO is to steer a web page to the top of search results using strategies that make it more visible to search engine crawlers.

Below are some of the effective ways to increase your website traffic and get more conversions/sales for your business.

Research keywords:

Every search starts with a phrase or group of words typed into the search field. While there are tools that measure the popularity of keywords, the starting point of keyword research is often brainstorming and competitor research. Internet marketers must have a good grasp of the business in order to come up with an initial list of targeted keywords.

Improve link structures:

Search engine crawlers and robots are automated programs that go around the Internet in search of fresh content for indexing and storing. The crawlers view specific data found at the back-end of a web page, index them for later retrieval.

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A web page with a simple and clear hierarchy of links and a structure that is easily crawled tends to rank better than one that is too intricate for the search engine crawlers or robots to follow.

Use HTML text format:

Images, flash files, and Java applets are not visible to search engine spiders. Search bots prefer to view text in HTML codes and readily index these for later retrieval. If a web page must use other file types such as images, its targeted keywords must be incorporated in the ALT attributes which are visible to the search crawlers. Wherever possible, include a text transcript of audio or video files.

Create high-quality content:

Search engines such as Google and Yahoo display search results according to relevance and popularity. Hundreds of factors influence relevance but Google emphasizes high quality, legitimate and credible content in its latest algorithm change. As a result of the content farm update, web pages with duplicate or mass-produced content were downgraded or removed from search results.

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You can use tools like Semrush and Similarweb to see how you can overtake your competitors. Here is an in-depth comparison of both the tools Semrush vs Similarweb. Have a look and choose which one is better for you.

No single technique can immediately increase website traffic. It takes time, constant review, combined SEO practices, and website analysis to generate heavy streams of traffic.

Frequent updates on your website:

High-quality content and frequent updates on your website is the key to increase website traffic. People go online to search for information; building content on your site on a regular basis increases the possibility of your content being found by people who are looking for information on search engines. 

Google loves sites with regular updates. Hence, ensure your site is updated with fresh and original content at least twice a week.

Look for opportunities to become a guest blogger:

Please skip all the simple blog spamming but leave actual feedback that offers value and insights. Along the way, blog owners will notice your feedback/post and might offer invites to guest blogs for them. This is an important strategy to drive and grab new traffic to your site.

Take note of high ranking directories

Submit your high-quality and original content to the high-ranking directories will help your content to rank well in search engines. In other words, you may increase your website traffic by doing this.

Submit articles to article directories and make use of social media

Keep submitting to article directories and make use of social media like Facebook and Twitter to announce your articles. If you make good use of social media, you will be surprised by how helpful they can be!

Approach review sites:

There are many review sites with good traffic, approach the webmasters of these sites and get them to help you to write a good review about your site. Once your review is up, you will start to notice a great increase in traffic to your site through this review.

Yahoo Answers and YouTube:

It has been reported that Yahoo Answers and YouTube have experienced an increase in Google’s organic search engine rankings. Hence, now would be a good time to create videos out of your articles and use them to answer questions posted on Yahoo Answers.

EBook Advertising:

Article marketing has gone to the next level and the term eBook marketing is not a new thing anymore. If you have any helpful information to share and if it’s related to your website, you can construct an eBook and put it in your website link as a reference. This eBook can then be submitted to numerous eBook directories on the web.

Video Promotions:

YouTube has even put Google behind in the number of global searches and it’s even easy to rank your video on the top YouTube listings. A video promoting your website or some enticing visual with a reference to your website is enough to direct a surge of traffic to your website. Besides that, you can also obtain do-follow links from,,,, etc.

Pay per Click Technique:

Although there are free options available for boosting website traffic, sometimes paid options to work effectively as well. There are many cheap PPC advertising networks,,, etc. You can register as an advertiser and set up ad campaigns. This option “guarantees” targeted visitors to your website.

Semrush is the no.1 SEO and PPC tool in the industry right now. Here is an in-depth guide on how you can use free Semrush.

Social Networking and Newsletters:

Social networking and newsletters are some of the common ways of increasing traffic to your website. You can choose anyone as per your requirements. There are a large number of things that you must consider in this regard. It is of utmost importance to choose a reputed and experienced firm. They should offer you a complete guide and information regarding website traffic.

Social networking allows you to get in touch with a large number of individuals. There are several websites that you can work with. Some of them are Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and StumbleUpon. It is of utmost importance to research a bit. Research plays a crucial role in this regard. I am pretty certain that once you start working hard you would be able to attract a large number of visitors.

Promote Your Site:

As in many businesses and establishments, it is only logical that you promote your website so that it gains more followers and readers. Make an effort for your website to be seen. It is not enough that you have made your website and have published that website.

You have to make it so that this website becomes known and more accessible to people that may find it interesting. There are many ways of promoting your website. 

One of which is downright plugging. By plugging, you mention your website whenever it is relevant or when the topic being discussed is relevant to the ones being discussed by your website. Article marketing is also a popular choice in building traffic. You can choose whichever technique works better for you.

Submitting of RSS feed to RSS directories:

This is a method through which articles are submitted to the free RSS directories, and it takes place where the articles have a directory profile that has an RSS link. It is important to note that it is impossible to be able to submit an article to the free RSS directory if the article directory does not possess any RSS link. 

This is an efficient method through which lots of backlinks to the articles are created, which consequently means they are more exposed. Also, the feeds on blogs or websites are some other avenues that can be used. It is worth noting that most search engines often prefer RSS feeds.

Linking back to other articles:

Provided that a website owner or promoter has come up with various articles but which are on the same topic, there are some methods through which an article can be used as a reference to the other one. 

This, therefore, means that should a viewer come across one of them, they will have easier access to the other one which has been linked as long as the information on offer is related. Quite an effective way of building website traffic; this ensures that almost all articles get maximum exposure within a given period of time.

Tweeting of an article:

This is an effective method of building website traffic considering that all one is required to do is simply link the article directory to their Twitter account, such that each time the article goes live, the system will send out tweets with links to the articles. 

This is one of the methods that professionals have touted as quite efficient in the sense that people will always get to be alerted whenever you send out an article, and thus exposure will be extremely high.

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