90+ Free Guest Post Sites List [Updated]

Guest Post Sites list

A guest post is simply an article (or sometimes a blog post) posted for free or paid on guest post sites. It’s a very popular practice for SEO and is commonly used for link building. Basically, the guest post has only one meaning: It’s inviting other bloggers to post their own articles on your site.

This will increase the SEO of your articles, as well as helping the other blogs to figure out how to better incorporate your content.

90+ Free Guest Post Sites List

Looking for Free Guest Post sites lists to increase your website ranking and traffic? Here is the list of top high DA Free Guest Post Sites List which you can use to increase your website ranking.

Sr. NoDomain NameContact DetailsCategories Accepted
1TimeTechSolClick Here SEO, blogging, earn money Technology, Business, Internet Marketing etc.
1The GuardianClick Here News, Opinion, Sports, Lifestyle, Technology, Business, etc.
2BizwizContact HereSmall Business, Startups, SaaS, etc.
3Top Shelf Media Click HereInternet Marketing, SEO, Business, Productivity, Web Design, etc.
4HappyCuresSubmit a Guest PostHealth, Home Remedies, Beauty, Fitness, Nutrition, etc.
5MinterAppSubmit a Guest PostTime Tracking, Productivity, Team Building, Leadership, Small Business, Problem Solving Strategies, Team Development, Team Building Games, Problem Solving Strategies, Time Blocking, etc.
6HubSpotClick Here Marketing, Sales, Service
7Fast Company Click HereProductivity, Tips & Tricks, Success Stories, Leadership, Career
8YFS Magazine Click HereBusiness, Finance, Marketing & Sales, etc.
9Creative BloqClick Here 3D, Illusion, Web Design, Graphic Design, Digital Art, etc.
10Read WriteClick Here Technology, Innovation, IoT, Health, Cryptocurrency, etc.
11Content Marketing Institute Click HereContent Marketing, Content Creation, SEO, Promotion, Social Media Marketing, Measurement and ROI, etc.
12SitePoint Click HereNode, Angular, UX, etc
13KissmetricsClick Here Web Analytics , A/B Testing, Case Studies, Conversion, etc.
14GetResponseClick HereSocial Media, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Marketing Automation, SEO, etc.
15edutopiaClick HereProject-based learning, Social & emotional learning, Technology integration, etc.
16Lifehack Click HerePsychology, Productivity, Health, Motivation, Work, Relationships, etc.
17Social Media TodaySubmit a Guest Post HereSocial Media Business Strategies, Content Marketing, Digital Marketing Tools, etc.
18WebdesignerDepotClick Here News, Coding, Web Development, Design, UX, Usability & Testing, etc.
19CoScheduleSubmit a Guest Post HereContent Marketing, Social Media, SEO, Analytics, Email Marketing, etc.
20Addicted2SuccessClick HereSuccess, Motivation, Startups, Life, etc.
21AllBusinessClick HereSales & Marketing, eCommerce, Content Marketing, SEO, Finance, Staffing & HR, etc.
22GrowMap Click HereMarketing, eCommerce, Content, SEO, etc.
23Harvard Business Review HereLeadership, Strategy, Communication, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, etc.
24Authority HackerClick Here Case Study
25ConversionXLSubmit a Guest Post HereBusiness, eCommerce, Conversion Rate Optimization, Email Marketing, etc.
26StartupBrosClick Here Amazon, eCommerce, Sales & Marketing, etc.
27Social Media ExaminerClick Here Social Media, Creator, etc.
28Pick The Brain Click HereMotivation, Productivity, Meditation, Health, etc.
29Time Management NinjaTo Read Guidelines Click HereTime Management
30Digital Inspiration HereCoding, Web Design & Development, etc.
31TechLilaClick Here WordPress Tips, WordPress Themes, etc.
32My Venture PadSubmit a Guest Post HereArt of Living, Motivational, etc.
33iTechCodeClick Here SEO, Social Media, WordPress, Internet Marketing, etc.
34A List Apart Click HereCode, Content, Design, Business, etc.
35Hongkiat HereDesign & Development, Technology, Inspirational, Social Commerce, etc.
36OnextrapixelSubmit a Guest Post HereSuccess Stories, Case Studies, Content, Concepts, etc.
37Internet Marketing School HereDigital Marketing, Google Analytics, Google Ads, SEO, Email Marketing etc.
38The Vandelay DesignClick Here Design, Coding, Business, Social Media, Marketing, etc.
39Design Your Own BlogClick HereBlogging, Web Design, CSS, HTML, etc.
40SkyjeClick Here Design, Photography, How To Article, Social Media, SEO, etc.
41Web And DesignerClick Here Inspiration, Tutorials, Photoshop, CSS, etc.
42Politico MagazineSubmit a Guest Post HereNews, Politics, Books, Innovations, etc.
43Everyday BrightClick HereMotivation, Lifestyle, Meditation, etc.
44The MuseClick Here Career, Management, Job Search, etc.
45Campus To CareerClick Here Career
46Psychology Today Click HerePsychology
47The Mogul MomClick Here Business, Blogging, Marketing, Social Media, Technology, etc.
48eLearning Magazine Click HereTechnology, Education, Interviews, Management, Business, etc.
49Mashable Click HereEntertainment, Culture, Technology, Business, etc.
50Roohome Click HereHome design, Home Improvement, DIY & Crafts, Interior & Exterior Design, Gardening etc.
51SuggestNext Click HereTechnology/Software
52Something KnowClick HereNews, Opinion, Entertainment, Education, etc.
53Flixed Click HereVideo Streaming
54Fix The Photo Click HerePhotography & Editing
55EduGorilla Click HereEducation
56Under Construction Page Click HereWeb Design
57GMaps Widget Click HereWordPress
58Security Ninja Click HereWordPress
59Coming Soon WP Click HereWordPress
60Google SEO Trends Click HereDigital Marketing
61TechBuzzTalk Click HereBusiness, Technology, etc.
62Mr. Web Capitalist Click HereCase Studies, Product Reviews, etc.
63ActWitty Click HereBusiness, Technology, Life Style, etc.
64Medical Scrubs Collection Click HereMedical & Nursing Industry
65Tech Sparkle Click HereBusiness, Technology, Social Media, etc.
66Tech Gami Click HereTechnology, Automobile, etc.
67Namaste UI Click HereTechnology, SEO, SMM, Business, etc.
68Big Guest PostingClick HereGuest Posting
695 Minutes For Mom Click HereFood, Family, Home, etc.
70My JobMag Click HereEducation, Career, etc.
71Strodin Click HereDental Marketing
72Golden Bloggerz Click HereSocial Media, Freelancing, Productivity, etc.
73How to best Click HereTravel, Health, Business & Finance, Food, etc.
74Artiiseo Click HereTechnology, SEO, Branding, UX, etc.
75WhyitClick HereEntertainment
76Digital Tech Grand Click HereTechnology, SEO, Marketing, etc.
77My Info Expert Click HereFashion,Education, Finance, etc.
78Active Pages Click HereLifestyle, Home Improvement, etc.
79Everyday BlogsClick HereLifestyle, Home Improvement, etc.
80Rivipedia Click HereTravel, News, Technology, Software, etc.
81CustomerlyClick HereCustomer Experience, Customer Success, SaaS, etc.
82Techniqe Click HereLatest tech news, trends, tips and tricks, tutorials etc.
83Health Line   Click HereFitness, health
84Sports Then & NowClick hereSports
85Off the PostClick HereSports
86Sports NetworkerClick HereSports
87Teno BlogClick HereHealth, travel, business
88Ayurveda Master Click hereMeditation, yoga
89Ehtix Click hereFitness
90The Fit Fair Click hereDiet, health, fitness

Guest blogging can boost your credibility in a certain market, but it has to be done correctly for it to work. This means that there are certain guidelines for doing it the right way. One of the best ways to get people to visit your site is to show them that you are an expert in your field, and that you have contributed something to the niche that you are covering.

If you can show your readers that you know what you’re talking about and have done something to help others, then you can build credibility within your target site’s readership.

By inviting others to write guest posts for you or providing them with a bio, you are sending the signal to your target audience that you value them enough as a friend to share your ideas with. You’re also creating a bond with them by giving them the opportunity to click on your name in the search engines, which can result in lots of traffic to your site.

There are many ways to increase traffic with social media, including blog posts, video submissions, and so forth. These things work well when they are done properly, but guest posting can provide the extra traffic that is so desperately needed.

A good guest posting strategy involves carefully selecting those that are suited to your audience. Guest blogging is a great way to increase your exposure in your own blog or at a site that is related to yours.

If you are regularly posting articles to your blog and adding a link back to your social media profiles in your author bio, then people will be interested in what you have to say, and if your content is helpful to them they’ll likely pass it along to their social media followers, who can do the same.

You might think that guest blogging is nothing more than a surefire way to gain traffic, but you’d be wrong. The people you attract to your blogs or sites are much more valuable than just your traffic numbers.

People feel a connection to other people who share their interests. They come to appreciate your good taste, and your ability to share knowledge and information with them. That is the real power of guest blogging; it is gaining new audiences and allowing you to connect with them on an emotional level.

How to write guest post on Free Guest Post Sites List?

It is not that difficult to write a guest blog on Free Guest Post Sites List, but many people struggle to do so for one reason or another. This is especially true if you don’t know how to do it right. That said, there are a few things you need to remember to make sure your guest post is a success. Here they are:

First, you need to choose your guest blogger carefully. A bad choice can kill your guest blogging efforts dead in the water. You wouldn’t want to be associated with someone who has ill-intent or who is not going to learn from your mistakes. Remember, this is a business, not a social club. If the other person cannot produce good work as a guest blogger, then it is unlikely that they will produce any work at all for you in the future either. So, choose carefully.

Second, once you have found the perfect guest blogger, write to them personally. Don’t email the guest a draft or something like that; send them an actual e-mail thanking them for their time and asking them if they would like to write for your blog. Once you have established yourself as a respected expert in your niche, these types of exchanges will become more regular and you will have much better luck with guest blogging. The more personal you make it, the more likely the other person is to listen and consider your ideas.

Third, do not forget to thank your guest blogger for giving you their time. It’s the little things that matter. One such thing is to send them a thank you note after the interview or exchange. They may not be required to do an article or two, but it never hurts to show your gratitude. As a bonus, this also makes them look more professional and more helpful to your blog.

Fourth avoid using any copyrighted material without permission. This is especially important when you are guest blogging for someone else’s blog. If you use someone’s material without getting their permission, you could find yourself in a bit of hot water (and court appearances). Guest blogging is one of the most effective ways to use the blogosphere effectively, but you need to make sure you are not taking advantage of another person’s hard work.

Finally you should always be willing to correct mistakes, and to learn from your mistakes. Just because you wrote a guest post on someone else’s blog does not mean you are free to repeat everything they said. Just be careful how you say things in your guest blog. For example, if you were writing about a specific city, state, or country, don’t say exactly what you saw in your own city or state. Instead, refer to local resources that could help you better understand the country or city you are visiting.


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