Refer and Earn Money Program that really Pay money

Refer and Earn Money

Refer and Earn Money Online in no time at all. Just when you think you are ready to call it quits on affiliate marketing, an amazing new idea comes along that changes the way you have made money online forever.

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No more spinning your wheels trying to figure out new ways to make money. With this new program, you will refer people to another website and they will in turn pay you for the services that they provide. How cool is that!

You could refer members of your group to sign up for the website or you could refer your visitors to the  website and earn cash off of their referral. In either case, what a great way to make money and get paid, all while having fun.

What a great way to refer and earn money online and be able to share with people what is truly happening in your life right now! And what a great way to promote and sell those wonderful new apps that is going viral all over the Internet.

What is referral program?

Well, in essence they’re a way for you to market to people who already have a business that you may be able to sell to. These are a unique way of generating new business and helping build your client base, by allowing your existing clients to share in the revenue generated from your referral programs. How can this be done?

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In our normal everyday lives, we go through every day and make money. For example, you pay the electric bill, you pay the car tax, you even pay your mortgage. Even if you don’t have anything right now, think about what you’ll have to pay tomorrow.

You can probably come up with a pretty good list of things that you’ll have to pay for, but there’s one thing you can’t put money towards; you can’t pay someone to do work for you. This is where referring people and making them do work come into play.

Reseller Club

The Reseller club Affiliate Program is among the top paying affiliate programs in India. You could earn up to INR 3000 per referral! They have six main product solutions which you could refer as an affiliate.

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You can find all these services under one roof called the Reseller Hosting Solutions in India. You will get the best discounts for the most sought after reseller hosting solutions. There are various plans under this program and it is based upon the needs of the reseller. The prices offered are affordable and you would be able to save a lot if you opt for the plans which are offered by the Reseller Club. It is one of the most cost effective solutions when it comes to hosting. It offers you the best discount on the most popular web hosting solutions in India like Blue Host, Site Builders and the likes of them.

The Reseller Club affiliate program in India offers various products and services like domain registration, website designing and maintenance, eCommerce storefronts, eCommerce software and more. This program also provides you with six big rock star opportunities. The six options are the domains, hosting solutions, shopping carts, web promotion and more. It is very easy to understand the requirements of this program in terms of reseller hosting. It is a very cost effective solution as compared to the normal hosting and they give you the best commissions in comparison to the prices of normal plans.

Affiliate Commission Tiers for Reseller Club

For example, if you sell 25 Shared Hosting packages in a given month, you qualify to earn a whopping $1375/- (25x$75 = $1375)

Monthly SalesCommissions Per Sale
Single Domain Hosting
Commissions Per Sale
Multi Domain Hosting

Note: Commissions are applicable for 1st year purchase

Features and Products

  • 60 days cookies duration
  • Earn upto $125 per referral
  • 800+ product range

FlipKart Affiliate

The FlipKart Affiliate program has been very useful for both web and affiliate marketers in the past. In fact, the website has become so popular that it is now offered by eBay as a free ecommerce solution to people who are looking to build online businesses without having to spend much on their start up.

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What makes the FlipCart Affiliate program so useful is that you do not have to build your website from scratch, rather you can select from a large selection of pre-designed websites or you can build your own if you feel like it. Either way, this product has been a big success for both eBay sellers and affiliates.

One of the best things about the FlipKart Affiliate is that it allows you to promote various products, such as electronics, sports, music, cell phones, video games, books, and more. You can set up your account with the FlipKart affiliate website and then you can easily choose and promote all the products you like to sell through the cart system.

If you do not like one specific product, no problem, since you are allowed to choose from many different options. The nice thing about the cart system is that you can add your own content to the product, which means that you can tell the customer about all the extra features that you think they might want.

Flipkart Commission by category


Amazon Associates

The Amazon Associates affiliate program allows to refer customers through their website, and once a customer purchases through your affiliate link, you receive a percentage of the purchase price. This can be a very powerful money making opportunity for affiliates who know how to make the most out of it.

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This method works great if you already have a website or are planning on building one. You simply refer the person to another website via your affiliate link and then collect the commission from the sale. Every single time that a customer refers a customer through your link, you receive a commission.

Amazon Associates is a powerful marketing tool that thousands of people are using to make money online. The best part about this method is that once you set it up, it is completely free! All you need is an affiliate link on your website that people can click on to find out more information about the products that you are promoting. Once they click the link, you will start earning money on autopilot.

Amazon Associates – Amazon’s affiliate marketing program

  • Earn Up to 10% Commission
  • Millions of products
  • Cookie duration is only for 24 hours

BigRock Affiliate

BigRock Affiliate is one of the affiliate marketing programs that is quite popular among the online marketers. BigRock as an Affiliate Program is actually one of the most complete and comprehensive on the internet. It is a great program that is perfect for people who are new in the business and even those who are already in the field but want to upgrade their skills and knowledge. Affiliate marketing is the best source for newbies and even for the existing ones to make more money and at the same time, earn their much needed residual income. With this program, you will surely get more than what you have asked for, and all your hard work will be rewarded accordingly.

As an affiliate marketer, BigRock is the best place for you to do some money making online. They offer many different products and services, all from the comforts of your own home. Aside from the usual physical merchandise, they also provide other resources such as the BigRock Online Learning Center that teaches you everything you need to know about online marketing and other affiliate programs. And for beginners, the BigRock Discount Coupons can help you save money from shopping and other expenses that come along with being an affiliate marketer.

As an affiliate marketer, you are required to market and promote the products and services that you have chosen. With the help of the tools that the program provides, you are also able to create your own website where you can give more information about the things that you have to offer.

Standard Commissions

Make 21 Sales in a month and earn upto Rs.21,000/- (21×1,000 = Rs.21,000)

Monthly SalesBonus Per SaleCommissions Per Sale

Yatra affiliate

You can now Join Yatra Affiliate Program through INRases ad network to fetch maximum payout of up to 4% per sale. It is amongst the top paying online campaign in the travel category of internet affiliate marketing business in India for its high commission & validated rates. The program enables you to sell and promote your own products and services and earn good commission on every sale. Moreover, it will also enable you to make quick money on every referral sale that you make.

The unique feature in this affiliate program is that it provides a wide range of facilities to its users including booking and selling of tickets, providing of hotel bookings, online booking of flights, providing of hotel rooms reservation, facilitating of online reservation of car, providing of tickets on tele-transfers and a lot more. With the help of this facility of booking tickets through online booking sites like Orbitz, OYo and other such services, the affiliate marketer will be able to increase the business traffic as well as the sales volume. You can use this facility of making quick money and increase your income through your own online business. With the help of this one circle affiliate program, you can get maximum benefit by converting leads into actual sales.


  • Highly competitive commissions that are paid upon booking
  • 30 days cookie duration
  • Online reporting and tracking
  • Easy implementation and start earning within few minutes of acceptance.

Admitad Affiliate

About admitad Affiliate Network: In a very short period of time admitad has managed to establish itself as an international company having a global reach with a strong presence in various countries as China, Germany, Russia, India, Ukraine, Portugal, and Belorussia. The brand is known for its commission-based business model, which is essentially built on the affiliate concept, in which the company compensates its publishers for each sale generated by the publisher’s visitor or customer. A commission is also paid to the affiliate who generates leads for the company. In addition, there are other benefits such as no inventory, no customer support, no monthly sales minimum, no upfront fees, and no minimum order.

This new super affiliate friend of mine came up with his own marketing strategies after struggling for quite a while with AdSense. After learning from a lot of marketers, he finally figured out that it was because the sites he was not getting much traffic had very low page views. He further found out that the number one reason why his sites did not get much traffic was because the visitors were not searching for what he was offering. As a result, his marketing strategies changed and now he is paying for ads instead of on the keywords of his sites.

When we talk about social media we should mention that these two super affiliates mentioned above use Facebook and Twitter; the reason being they have a good grip of what their targeted market is looking for. They have established this through viral methods and they keep using it to promote their AdSense campaigns. These two AdSense powerhouses are definitely paving the way for future affiliate marketers and should be admired. They have helped a lot of new publishers get their online business off the ground and more money can be made online.


Yes, men, it’s Cuelinks Affiliate Network to be one of your most reliable affiliate networks in India. From the first day of joining, you will get excellent support and services to promote and expand your business. With Cuelinks, you are able to join over 600+ different affiliate programs worldwide and make loads of money online from India. In this detailed article, we will share all important facts about Cuelinks Affiliate Network

For affiliates, there are many things they should be aware of. For example, some affiliate programs are not interested in promoting Cuelinks affiliate products at any cost. However, other affiliate programs will be more supportive as you advertise their product through your Cuelinks account. Some merchants even allow you to promote their products using third-party widgets. This is another great thing about this affiliate marketing network.

One of the best things is that with Cuelinks, you get to promote their products through all major browsers. Whether you have internet connectivity or not, you will be able to access these affiliate links. Merchants too love Cuelinks Affiliate Network as they get good returns on their investment as they can get high commission rates from every single sale. Apart from high commission rates, merchants also enjoy high reliability and trust from their buyers who buy Cuelinks widgets and other affiliate products. The best thing about Cuelinks is that merchants can also easily manage their payment and refunds aspect.

Terms & Conditions

1. Refer your friends to Cuelinks and earn 25% of what Cuelinks earn from them for 3 months for each publisher you refer

2. Its only applicable only for approved publishers

3. The commission will automatically credited to your account on month to month basis

4. 25% of referral earnings will be calculated on approved earnings what Cuelinks have made

Apps that paid for referral

There are so many apps online that offer people ways to earn pay cash by referring people . and there are many applications that offers to earn paytm cash by watching videos
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TaskBucks app

TaskBucks offers referral program, you can not only earn by referring people but it’s an innovative new way to earn extra cash by performing some small tasks for your smartphone from anywhere. It’s easy, just download the free TaskBucks app from Google play and pick from loads of available short-term tasks.

Ways to earn money with TaskBucks:

  1. Earn by Watching Videos
  2. Earn by Installing different apps
  3. Earn by Playing Quizzes
  4. Earn by Referrals
  5. Earn by Completing Surveys

Available options to withdraw cash:

  1. Paytm Cash
  2. MobiKwik

CashBoss app

CashBoss is an awesome app that allow people to earn money online. This app not only offer referral program but also it provide many ways to earn some extra cash.

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The way this particular program works is quite simple, there are many opportunities to earn money you just have find opportunities that are available and you can choose one that interests you.

Ways to earn money with CashBoss:

  1. By Referral program
  2. By Watching Videos
  3. By Spin the Wheels
  4. By installing different available apps

Available options to withdraw cash:

  1. Mobile Recharges
  2. Paytm Wallet

PocketCharge app

The Pocketcharge app is an application that enables for its users to earn money by simply completing a number of tasks without having to leave their app. There are many ways to earn with this app, you can earn by watching videos ads, filling surveys, completing small tasks and referring people.

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Ways to earn money with PocketCharge:

  1. By Watching available Videos
  2. By completing Surveys
  3. By Referral program
  4. By completing small tasks like Creating Account on certain websites

Available options to withdraw cash

  1. Paytm
  2. Prepaid and Postpaid recharges

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