Email Marketing Checklist: 12 things to Check Before sending emails

Email Marketing Checklist

Have ever rushed in email marketing campaign? and sent it immediately but sent the wrong link to your entire email list?

It seems like a small piece of your email campaign fails, but it can make a big difference (and we already know that it’s easy to lose). Any obvious mistake is simply embarrassing and affects the public perception of your business.

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Needless to say, this can prevent emails from reaching their destination. Fortunately, these email marketing mistakes are easily avoidable, so you need to know what to look for.

We’ve outlined the 18 most important things on our email marketing checklist. Before sending an email, remember the full 18-item Email Marketing Checklist. This way you don’t risk sending the wrong email.

First Test Email Content

Before we discuss marketing checklist always test your email campaign first. Many email marketing tool lets you see everything in front of you by first sending a test email to your inbox. This allows you to check the size of your email before running campaign.

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Now is a good time to check out your email marketing checklist to test all your links to make sure your content reads correctly and your images display correctly. For email marketing, don’t skip this step. When testing email campaigns, identify issues before setting up emails for your customers.

This is one of the reasons why email marketing automation software is so important to your marketing strategy. Please follow the email marketing list below before including in your test email.

Sending Email to the Right List?

First you need to make sure the email is in the correct inbox. Every email needs a purpose to send the right message to the right person. customers are at different stages of the marketing or buying journey. Your business strategy can also appeal to multiple audiences.

Therefore, you cannot send the same message to all contacts. Forming a split mailing list guide is an important strategy, as not all emails apply to everyone. To understand your customers and their business, you need a good lead database.

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This is a great way to split your mailing list so that the right people get the right content every time. Splitting the list improves the success rate of your campaign. You can also reduce the risk of immediately unsubscribing or deleting emails.

For mailing lists, you can divide your target audience into two main groups. Current customer and New customer that you want to acquire. It’s easier to send an email to existing customers because an existing customer has already decided to help your business.

This audience likes your product and trusts your email content more. Sending purchase emails to customers is a bit tricky. We want them to be on our mailing list, so we’ll add some simple options for subscribing and unsubscribing. When sending an email to a new or prospective customer, make sure the content of the email provides clear value. Again, this topic is very important for opening rates.

Check Broken Links

The reason for sending email campaigns is probably because you need to get potential customers to click on certain links. The biggest mistake marketers can make is sending broken links in emails. All your marketing efforts are wasted with emails, which degrades your company’s image.

An important part of your email marketing checklist is to manually check each link before sending an email to make sure the page loads correctly and doesn’t show any errors. Please fix the broken link before continuing the email.

Start With a Personalized Greeting

We know the importance of personalization in email marketing, but we need to do it right. For example, you made a mistake in greetings and your customers is going to receive this email with “Hi {First Name}” that’s too bad for your business. And he might not read further.

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Please give the correct greeting before sending the email. Test your email and check the mailing list to see if personalization works. A personalized welcome gives customers a special feeling, but a personalized mistake looks unprofessional.

Forgotten Links

We discussed broken links above but missing links is a common problem in email marketing. This happens when you have inserted a picture or call button in an email but no link. If you want to link something to your email, make sure it’s already connected.

  • Do one of the following:
  • call-to-action (CTA) button
  • Image that acts as a text anchor button

 You can clearly mark email marketing errors in social share or follow button checklists.

Offer Clear Value

In addition to validating the email content correctly, it should also include the full value of the person receiving the email. Every successful e-marketing campaign is worth helping users and customers. It could be a tip, a link to a helpful guide, a promo code or a CTA. Keep this in mind on your email checklist.

The value you provide must align with the specific purpose of your business. If you need to grow your email list in your email campaign, starting a referral campaign is a great way to add value to your email marketing. This way, no matter what your email campaign readers do, you can build your email list, reach more customers via email, and add value to your email subscribers with contests.

What do you expect of him? Add real value to your newsletter by increasing subscriber interest and maintaining prices. If the email is of no value, the member will immediately unsubscribe.

Manage subscriber Who Have Opted Out

If a subscriber unsubscribes (don’t be afraid), Make sure they don’t receive our newsletter. If a subscriber wants to unsubscribe, don’t want to get their attention back. You asked to be removed from the mailing list, so be sure to remove it.

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If you continue to email these contacts, they will continue to lose interest in the brand. Sending emails to people you think are spam doesn’t have much impact on your email marketing campaigns, so check your subscription list as part of your list. Control email marketing and remove any member that no longer interested to receive emails.

Check Your Grammar

This is an obvious but very important step in your email marketing list. spelling plays an important role in marketing. Regardless of the type of content you submit, grammatical errors can cause you to lose respect for your work. So always read carefully and try it out.

Avoiding spelling errors is also easy. If you’re not sure, use the free spelling and grammar checker tool. If your team has special grammar skills, ask them to edit the content of your email before sending an email to customers.

Optimize Your Subject Lines

You need to make sure the email stands out before someone clicks on it. For this reason, email campaigns need a clear title. Creating a strong theme is not an easy task. Don’t forget to keep the human subject.

Do your best to avoid oversold and robotics. You also need to grab the audience’s attention on thematic topics. Your audience wants to read real emails written by real people. So, create a topic that looks like a conversation, and pay attention to the length of the topic.

Titles that are too long may be truncated. Make sure it is concise and accurate. Encourage your followers to engage and learn more. For email marketing lists, subject matter is important when determining open rates.

Optimize Your Images and Design

Please don’t allow blurry images or bad emails. Besides text content, the visual aspect of email marketing also makes a big difference. Check out how the photos look in your email. You should also attach it to the alt text and mark it as desired.

 If you don’t see the image, alt text can help and can make a big difference depending on the size of your email. Check everything listed as part of your email checklist. Do you have a lot of white space? Are the points displayed correctly?

If you have any problems, make changes before sending and at the end take note of the colors used in your email campaign. The background color may not be visible to all recipients. So, don’t use white text on a dark background. Make sure your text is always clean. Emails are not difficult to read.

Make Your Links Trackable

A lot of email marketing is about understanding how email marketing campaigns work and what triggers certain actions. For this reason, you need to ensure that all links are traceable.

Trackable links allow you to track your email marketing performance and see which emails trigger your actions. Optimize the following email ads for best results.

Before submitting material to the mailing list, please ensure that all available links are accurate and traceable. Follow-up is essential to long-term marketing success and is an essential part of your email marketing checklist.

Check Your Timing

When you are ready to send an email, make sure to send it at the right time. You do your best to write the perfect marketing email. So if it doesn’t open, don’t send it. S

chedule your email before hitting send. Marketing automation tools make it easy to set up your marketing hours. Choose a time you know in the newsletter. Review historical email performance metrics to see examples where relevant time is most effective.

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