9 Best Online Data Entry Jobs from Home without Investment

Data Entry Jobs from home

Are you looking for data entry jobs from home that needs zero investment? DO you really want a online work that doesn’t require any registration fee? If so, I will show you can earn money from home by just doing data entry jobs.

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Many online data entry tasks that do not require additional payments such as security or registration fee. Since the advent of the Internet, it has opened many doors to do online businesses. Many companies now offer typing jobs with daily, weekly and monthly payment options.

Types of Online Data Entry Jobs from home

These jobs are perfect for people who don’t have the skills and want to work from home. All you need for these tasks is a good typing speed and a good knowledge of English. There are many types of data entry jobs. Let’s checkout.

Data Entry Keyers

Its main task is to accurately extract relevant information from numerous documents and write that data to databases such as business models, CRM and Excel tables. Upon completion, this data is sent to the customer. These jobs are usually offline instead of online.

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Data Keyers are also part of the quality control area to check for data errors. The required write speed is 50 words per minute and the error rate is 0%. They can usually earn between $10 and $15 depending on experience.

Data Entry Clerks

Their functions are very similar to data keying, but the significant difference is that the data entry clerk must stand for a long time due to his job role.

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Let us use hospital clerk examples to understand the role of data entry clerk. They must have been to the hospital, where they must keep patient records, accident reports, visitor lists, etc. All of these are saved in the Excel table or software by the data entry clerk.

You can also find a government job in the municipal office, where they need data entry clerk to keep records to keep city records, birth records, death certificates, etc.

Converting Image to Text

In this job profile, you will get a picture with several paragraphs; you must read the image and write it into a Word document. The length of this paragraph can be 100 to 150 words, but remember that these are not simple English words, but contain various medical terms.

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In this profile, you need 99.99% accuracy, which means you need to be vigilant when typing, because there is no room for error. For image-to-text conversion, you can earn 3 to 4 dollars; therefore, even if you convert 20 images a day, you can also make a lot of money.

Converting audio to text

Here, you will get the audio; you need to listen to it and convert it to text format. This is not an easy job because it requires excellent listening skills, because the sound is unclear, and they also use technical jargon; therefore, it is essential to have good listening skills to convert the data correctly.

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In addition, you must be proficient in English to understand words and write them correctly. While listening to audio and typing, you also need a good typing speed; therefore, you must match your writing speed to the audio.

Therefore, this job is recommended to experienced people because it requires good typing speed and excellent English and listening skills, as well as high accuracy. In this profile, you can easily earn $5 for a file.

Captcha Entry jobs

This may be a good choice for people looking for online data entry jobs at home. First, let us understand what a captcha code is. They are images composed of text, numbers, and alphanumeric characters that are used to complete specific fields to avoid spam.

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Its work is to fill the captcha image number, alphanumeric data and image text in the given spreadsheet or document in this job. In addition, you must resolve hundreds of captcha images every day. The great thing about this job is that it is fascinating and not as boring as the other jobs mentioned.

Resolving Captcha codes can make a lot of money, but to do this, you must resolve thousands of verification codes in one day.

Online form filling

This work file requires high precision; therefore, the quality of typing is more important than quantity. In fact, these jobs are paid more than ordinary typing jobs. This job is a bit challenging because it is given data, so you must fill in the values ​​in the database in each field of the form.

The data will be a file that includes customer names, phone numbers, addresses, email addresses, etc. Be careful when filling in the information, because even mistakes can produce false information. You can get a good income from this job because they pay about 50 to 70 dollars a day for this job.

Online Surveys

This is an exciting job because you have to answer some very simple questionnaires and fill out survey forms. Don’t think that you only need to enter any value in the field; you have to use your brain to answer these questions. You can easily complete the survey forms in 10-15 minutes, but this also depends on the length of the survey, as they can sometimes be a bit long.

Usually, the survey contains 10 to 50 questions, but this varies from company to company. Many companies offer this opportunity because they need these questionnaires to get customer feedback on their products or services. Several people have completed the full-time job of filling out the online survey because they earn more than $50,000 a year from this job.

Web Content Writing

If you have good writing skills, you can also write content for various blogs and websites. You will have to write multiple articles of different lengths according to the client’s requirements.

These articles are usually not too difficult because they are generic and you can write them after doing some research. To become a content writer, you need to be fluent in English to write good sentences, not to make any grammatical error. Generally, for 1,000 words, web content authors can earn up to $40.

9 Best Online Data Entry Jobs from Home without Investment

Here are the list of 9 best data entry job sites to work from home without investment.


This is one of the most recognized websites for online data entry work. On this website, you will find many types of transcription and subtitle work. Initially, you have to complete the qualifier task of transcribing multiple audio, and they pay for a few minutes of audio.

In one minute, you will get approximately $0.35-0.70. When you complete the 60-minute transcript, you will be promoted to the next level. They pay through PayPal every week, and you can work with them at any time.


This website mainly provides transcription work. The best part of this website is that it does not require any previous data entry work experience.

There are only two prerequisites for using them: Chrome browser and the other is a Paypal account. They conduct transcription tests before hiring candidates.


You will be pleased to know that this website pays generously for its members and also accepts international members. They hire freelance typists to work at home.

Your files usually take no more than 6 minutes, and your work is distributed on a first-come, first-served basis. Like the website above, you have to pass their transcription test, and once you become a member of each of their audio, they will pay $2-25 for an hour.


You might be surprised to find that NASA released it as an experimental project; they hired workers to participate in scientific work. But today, the website has completely changed, and they hire workers to do some small tasks for them.

These tasks can be filling out online surveys, conducting research on the Internet, reviewing, etc. The great thing about this website is that they are looking for people who can do all kinds of work for them and provide you with a lot of work.

If you have time and want to make data entry work your career, you can create your profile on their website and conduct a short evaluation. The type and quality of the work will completely depend on the score you get in the evaluation. Your homework is paid, and your salary is once a week.


One of the most advanced online data entry sites. The best part here is that you can get an active job from your employer in the hiring sector. If you want to keep looking for more jobs, it’s a good idea to create the right profile so people can easily contact you and get the right amount for the job.

If you wish, you can also contact the customer directly to find a job. There are hundreds of thousands of freelancers and vacancies here, along with joining jobs and other small businesses. This is a reliable website and wants to make a lot of money for what you do.


A free market where you can post your service details and find a job easily. You can list things you have skills and experience with: writing, translating, data entry, transcription, etc.

A lot of people are making a lot of money on this site. You can create a Fiverr profile to list the skills you need. You can earn about $5 for each assignment. Fiverr is a great place to find a good job and make money.


A trusted freelancing site and community for freelancers and has opportunity to get data entry jobs. Clients typically hire freelance translators on an hourly or project-by-project basis.

A popular website that can turn your online data entry into a reliable return on your business investment.


The company manages the community and hass over 100,000 cloud employees worldwide working with them regularly. This is a respected and easy-to-use site. Creating a free account is easy, but you should test it before accepting it on the site.

They ask specific questions such as education, demographics, experience, language skills, etc. And test yourself against it. If you pass the exam, there are many job opportunities, such as entering information, but the amount of work depends on the exam results. So you should get good test scores.


The company is essentially a software platform that provides workflow automation solutions to companies. However, they are also another gateway for freelance employers as they hire people for a variety of data entry jobs.

There are many information input activities that you can do with proper training. There is no fixed time limit for completing tasks. You can easily work and choose a profession according to your skills and interests. The best part is partnering with major brands like eBay, Wal-Mart, and Staples.

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