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Content writing tools for SEO are very important to those who want to get a top SEO ranking for their site. The content should be search engine friendly so that it can help in the search engine optimization.

 If the search engines cannot read your content, then your website will not be indexed. Your web content should be written in such a way that is search engine friendly. A person who wants to rank high for his or her business keywords should use the best content writing tools for SEO.
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There are several content writing tools for SEO that can help you come up with a content which is not only search engine friendly but also written well. Writing for SEO needs one to be aware of the various techniques that are used by SEO.


ProwritingAid helps alter  “good content” into a content that is great


It gives the capability to check punctuation and spelling while at the same time giving users in-depth reports on overused words, sentence length, and redundancies.

It is a fantastic tool to boost content readability whilst eliminating mistakes with instant feedback.

Additionally, it is among the most inexpensive choices, if you are interested in an all-in-one stop for editing.

How to get it


Price: Starts from $20/m

Hemingway App

You probably want your viewers engaged and interested. With a lot of content available online to choose from, it is vital to create your articles skimmable whilst being informational.


Stick to brief, concise, and readily approachable pieces. OK, but that is easier to say than to do it, right?

Not so in the event that you use the Hemingway App, which is excellent for identifying methods to enhance the focus of your writing?

More Detail:

Hemingway App

Price: $20/One Time Pay


Willing to ditch the ordinary grammar checker? LanguageTool provides true proofreading in more than 20 languages.


Why it is great, the fact that it specifies color-coded guaranteed mistakes and possible mistakes.

It’s user friendly attribute’s allow you to obtain feedback by using their google chrome add-on instantly. Additionally, It is fantastic for somebody who’s expanding their writing abilities in different languages.

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Price: $5/m


You have likely heard of the one earlier, but that is for a fantastic reason.


As among the very popular and useful writing tools accessible, Grammarly provides a great punch. Even the free version is comprehensive because it sounds, but many of the premium features permit you to find even the most nuanced of mistakes.

Among my personal favorites, its ability to personalize your content with the intended audience.

If you are interested in ways you can boost your writing, or unlearn regular mistakes you make, then Grammarly is an excellent writing instrument alternative.

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Ginger is very good for writers seeking an all-encompassing editor, making it among the greatest writing tools. Ginger perfects your writing together with simple to use features.

It translates over 60 languages also provides ways to maximize your articles with word ideas and word rephrasing, enabling authors to develop greater language abilities.

The bottom line, It is only a fantastic all-around writing program editor for authors of any grade.

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Price: $30/m


Remember how I  mentioned before that SEO is mainly driven by quality material nowadays?

It probably goes without saying that without picking the ideal keywords to target with your articles, your attempts will be wasted!

There is no lack of excellent keyword study tools that are available to you. One especially user-friendly worth mentioning is WordStream.

It is readily reachable, well-respected, and also their Keyword research tool is free of charge!

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Price: Free

Ludwig Guru

Ludwig is a helpful writing instrument for all those writing between multiple languages, or authors who find themselves often asking questions such as “am I using the appropriate tense here?”

Ludwig additionally provides recommendations through an asterisk tool in case you are struggling to find the ideal word or term. This one is very nifty, trust me. We have all found ourselves “looking for the ideal word” and coming up blank.

Furthermore, it is going to permit you to find and compare paragraph structure.

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Price: starts from $2.04/m


This is for all aspiring copywriters on the market.

Whether or not you would like to be a fulltime writer, or are only filling that job whilst wearing a lot of different hats, then you will probably find Copywritely a compelling option.

It is a writing tool which provides more than just the fundamentals. It has a feature of readability checker, replicate articles checker, article rewriter, keyword density checker, and much more.

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Price: starts from $18/m

SEO Tagg

Want extra help aligning your articles plan with your search engine optimization goals? Look no more.

SEO Tagg, among the very best content writing tools, researches, and also tracks key words in real time as you compose.

Furthermore, the program looks for opportunities within your writing to include extra keywords and phrases.

With SEO metric evaluation to boot up, SEOTagg is a compelling alternative for anybody aiming to improve their content functionality.

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Price: Start from $0/m to $119/m


Have a lot of thoughts for good articles, and no way to keep tabs on all of these? Want a spot to jot notes down as you think through your latest and best article?

Evernote is a multi-platform note taking program I’ve personally relied on.

the tagging features  and strong text-search choices make it a no-brainer concern for the majority of professionals.

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Price: starts from $0 -$14.99/m

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