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content writing tools

Writing content is not as easy as it looks, and it can be a challenging task if you are looking for professional growth. You must know that you can never be an expert in content writing because there is always a chance for improvement and learning, even if you are an expert. In content writing, you don’t only have to focus on the quality of content. Rather you have to make sure that your work is relevant and adaptable, especially when it comes to marketing and social media!

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Today, many online tools can help you grow as a content writer and in this post, we will list out the best choices you have. If you are interested in learning, improving, and making your work easy, you should surely try these online content writing tools!

Content writing tools for good to better!

Read on the details of these tools and try the ones that you like the most.

Idea Flip

This is one of the most popular tools for ideation, organizing and sharing content. If you have an idea based on which you want to write content, this is the perfect utility.

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You should know that idea flip can easily refine your ideas and turn them into presentable thoughts. This tool would urge you not to rely on only one idea. Rather it would help you brainstorm different ideas relevant to the one that you already have. The idea flip gives you an interactive and friendly environment to develop your ideas like a pro.

HubSpot Topic generator

This content writing tool, as the name tells us, is the one that can help you generate topics for writing. If you have an idea, a thought or a keyword-based on which you want to write an article, then the most important thing you need is the topic.

If the topic of your content is not interesting and appealing, then there is no way that you are going to attract readers. The hub spot topic generator is going to help you get topics that would surely intrigue you.


Now Grammarly is a content writing tool that doesn’t need any introduction. It is among the most widely used utilities on the internet these days. Grammarly is being used by content writers worldwide, and this is just because it has expertise in proofreading text and correcting errors found in it.

If you want to optimize text and make it better than what you have written, then Grammarly is the right tool for you. Grammarly also has its very own plagiarism checker tool, which can help you avoid duplicate content. Regularly using Grammarly would help you get better at writing!

Grammar checker by

As the name tells us, the Free grammar check by is a fine tool that can help you check grammatical mistakes in your content. If you have doubts about the quality of your content and don’t have much expertise in grammar, you should use this tool.

This grammar checker can easily detect the wrong use of grammar and other human mistakes that you have made in your content. You can remove these mistakes by using the alternative solutions offered by the tool. This is a free grammar checker and can be used on any device, so you don’t have to worry about any restrictions!


This is another online editing tool that is famous among not only writers but also students and bloggers. Hemmingway has the most convenient text editing system, which makes your work easy. You should know that Hemmingway highlights the sentences in your content that have mistakes in them.

It would highlight the content with errors and offer you suggestions that would help you improve the quality of your content. Hemmingway is the perfect writing tool for you if your native language is English. Using Hemmingway, you can easily focus on the narrative and main idea of the content instead of worrying about quality issues!


Copyscape is an online plagiarism checker that can help you in screening duplication from your work. In content writing, plagiarism is one of the major offences. If you want to save yourself from the trouble caused by plagiarism, you should use Copyscape.

It would check your new content for plagiarism. Still, it can also tell you if someone is stealing your website content and using it without paying your formal credits.

Plagiarism checker by

The Searchenginereports Plagiarism Checker is also among the popular tools that can help you check and avoid plagiarism in your content. This plagiarism checker tool is free to use, and there are no limits to its utilization.

You can check plagiarism in as many articles as you want without any effort. You have to enter input content in the tool and hit the ‘check plagiarism’ button. You can check plagiarism in less than seconds with this online tool. There are many more features of this plagiarism tool, and you can enjoy them once you start using it!

Spell checker by SmallSEOTools

This online tool is also best for content writers. The spell checker tool, as the name intends, is the one that can help you check spelling errors in your work. You must know that this online tool is free and easy to use without any experience.

We want you to know that the spell checker by smallseotools would not only find wrongly spelt words in your content but would also give you the right ones. If you are weak in spellings, then you should surely have this tool on your side!

Keyword finder by Duplichecker

Keywords are an important part of your content, and if you are not using keywords, you would never be able to rank your content in the higher places. Keywords make your content crawlable, and so you must stuff them properly in your textual work.

Here you should know that you should only use the words with a higher search density and which are relevant to your topic. You can easily find the right keywords for you if you use the keyword suggestion tool by Duplichecker!


Ahref is another platform that can be helpful for content writers. You should know that Ahref offers a complete toolkit for writers which can help them get on the top shelves in no time.

Here you should know that out of dozens of tools offered by Ahref, the backlink checker and finder tool is considered the best one. The tool can easily tell you about the links pointing towards your site and the ones you are connecting. You can easily find out the value the backlinks are bringing to your content.

Paraphrasing Tool by

Being a content creator or writer doesn’t mean that you would be an expert in every aspect of writing. Paraphrasing is one of the most challenging techniques in content writing.

This involves the rewriting of content so that it doesn’t affect the original meaning of the reference post and remains 100% unique. Now the paraphrasing tool by can help you in automatically paraphrasing content. This tool can help you remove plagiarism found in your content for free, and in less than seconds, so you should keep it in your pocket!

If you start using these content writing tools, you can easily get a lot of help in becoming a better writer/creator. There are many more tools listed on the web, but we would suggest you stick with the basic and important ones!

Bottom Line

The tools discussed in this article are the best-performing facilities available over the web that can take your content from good to great. If you’re looking forward to establishing yourself as a professional writer, possessing good writing skills wouldn’t be enough due to immense competition.

Content writing is considered a hassle-free job; therefore, many people jump into this field, but not everyone gets the success they desire. To become a successful content writer, you need to get your hands on the content writing tools that can improve the quality of your text significantly. The aforementioned content writing tools will help you in different ways and resolve your content-related problems within a matter of seconds.

It isn’t true that the paid tools will work better than the free ones, as there are many free-of-cost utilities that can aid you in content writing. Whether you’re a native or non-native English writer, it’s inevitable to make use of the grammar check facility. The grammar check tools mentioned above possess the capability to eradicate all major and minor grammatical mistakes. Besides detection, they also play a vital role in helping you rectify them.

Moreover, another tool that you should use before publishing any article is the plagiarism checker. Duplication is considered a nuisance for the writers, and it can brutally hurt your credibility in the market. Therefore, it’s recommended to make your articles go through a plagiarism scan test and remove all instances of plagiarism.

You can easily gain access to these tools from any corner of the world. The content writers should make the usage of these online services part of their writing process. With the assistance of these utilities, you can easily turn your content from good to great without wasting time and effort.

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