How to become a Youtuber And Earn Money Online On Youtube

how to become youtuber

How to become a youtuber? If you want to start a youtube channel and earn money Online from it then, You’re not alone who want to become a youtuber. Many creators are hopping on Youtube to try to give their dreams a reality, and can earn a piece of the billions of dollars generated by Youtube advertising revenue.

Well it’s still not too late to become a youtuber and earn money online, but this market is definitely becoming more competitive day by day.

Pick Your youtube Niche

The very first and important thing you have to do is select a specific niche. Have a good idea of which industries you are going to be focusing on in your movies. It is simple for the mind to go all over the place once you are trying to cover a lot of topics and niches.

So select a few related niches according to your own interests and/or your experience.

This is a superb way to stay organized, start powerful, maintain consistency, and draw a relevant audience. When you begin with a transparent focus on specific niche,  you can enlarge your knowledge in these niches and become true pros. additionally, constantly producing content in these niches will make it much easier to attract audiences that are interested in your videos.

If you’d like, you are able to further expand your audience base by diversifying your niche. A Famous YouTuber, Village Food Secrets Now that he has gained 2.81M subscribers, he is focusing on a wider variety of niches and generates Food related video content and village life.

Village Food Secrets

The significance of choosing the best niche

The niche you’ll be targeting is your base In order to nourish the ideal video content for your viewers, you have to first understand who’s the audience. Every video should have a goal and intent.

How to Select the best niche for YouTube?

Many Men and Women Already understand what their niche will be when making the choice to begin a YouTube channel only because they would like to concentrate on something they often do. As an instance, if you are an artist, then you understand that you want your youtube channel to be about artwork. If you’ve got Photoshop abilities, you know that you would like to educate folks how to use Photoshop.

However, Perhaps you wish to begin a YouTube channel because you fancy the idea of making videos, and you’d live as a YouTuber’s life. Or you wish to earn money from YouTube. If you do not have a particular subject in mind nevertheless, I will provide you a few things to think about when deciding about the niche.


It is vital to have enthusiasm towards the topic you are going target for more motives.

You’ll have to think of articles on a regular foundation for quite a while (years, at least). If you do not take pleasure in the subject, it’s going be exceptionally tough to take care of the moments when you are tired out of thoughts and frustrated.

You are going to receive readily bored when you’ve got zero interest in the topic and your YouTube channel will feel as a streak of awful tasks.

Individuals feel the excitement. Perhaps you have heard somebody speaking with genuine fire? Didn’t the excitement cause you to feel attracted to the thought he introduced? I am confident that you’ve been through this. Speaking with genuine excitement is a magnet which brings others’s interest.


Are there some need for those topics you are going to work  for?

If you’re thinking to chat about petting unicorns however no more one is searching for this, there will be no viewers to watch your own videos.

This Is mostly true when you’re looking to earn money on YouTube, instead of sharing your particular hobbies together with the entire world. In case you’ve got a hobby which you wanna flaunt, do not mind the need — only own your abilities and also make folks appreciate it! If you create something amazing, you are going to make the need yourself.

You can also check Google Trends To observe how popular distinct subjects are more than time. Is the subject seasonal, meaning that the hunts happen just in a certain period of this year? Is the need increasing as time passes?

Google Trends


How hard is it for one to become confessed?

You’ll find the solution by looking at the number of YouTubers are busy in the niche . In case the issue is oversaturated, it is going to be difficult for one to develop into an effective YouTuber in that niche.

If you do not possess a certain issue in mind whenever you choose to begin on YouTube, you’ve got more liberty about choosing the niche to target.

However, In the event you use YouTube within your articles nicheing plan or you know what niche you will be in, do not panic if the niche is aggressive.

Here are some most popular niches on YouTube

Here is the list of some most popular and in demand niches for youtube channel.

  • Tech Videos
  • Gaming
  • Product Reviews
  • Tutorials
  • Storytime Videos
  • Vlogs
  • Food
  • Fashion
  • Beauty
  • Weight loss & Healthy Living
  • Travel
  • Animals
  • How To’s
  • Humor

Outline Your Channel Goal

What do you need to accomplish through your channel? Would you wish to show audience how to do things by simply creating lessons and how-tos? Or maybe you only wish to talk about stories and entertain audience.

Outline the target you wish to attain through your channel so that you have some outlines  for your videos. It is going to also help you get a powerful and consistent beginning instead of trying to pay for everything and anything.

Let’s see an example, SuperSaf  mainly concentrates on unboxing videos in which he review the features of product. The target is to offer his viewers with a realistic and impartial opinion to direct their purchases. Of course he has gained 14 million subscribers  to his channel.

SuperSaf Channel

Obviously, you may wish to be a YouTuber only for the fame and cash. While it’s perfectly okay to concentrate on this particular goal, you still ought to be certain that you’re providing content that has value to your viewers. Otherwise, you will not have the ability to pull an audience, develop your neighborhood, and monetise your channel.

Content Ideas

The next thing to do is to think about video content – a very important step you need to take even before you begin creating your channel.

Have a look at the videos of other YouTubers in your niche are already creating. Can you make something similar but distinct? Can you make something better? Come up with unique idea to address them in a means that will intrigue them. The choices are almost infinite as long as you are always looking for ways to give value to your viewers.

Create a Content plan and schedule tasks

Having a constant schedule can allow you to maintain consistency. It provides your readers the confidence that they can rely on you for brand new videos to the scheduled dates. Additionally, it provides you a suitable timeline so that you can organize your attempts and remain on track.

Before you start creating a channel, you need to choose a publishing program that is manageable for you. Daily content uploads might be a excellent way to draw a new audience, but content should be attractive to draw attention of your audience.

It is ideal to begin with a weekly program. When you get more acquainted into the plan, you should begin increasing your output signal. For instance, you could print two videos each other week when maintaining your weekly program.

Evaluate Your Equipment

The equipment you use determines the standard of video you create. So it is vital to have a very clear idea of what equipment you will have to produce the kind of video you plan on creating. As you do not have to invest in costly equipment from the beginning, you need to get a few essentials.

You’re going to require a computer with adequate specs and speed that will fulfill your wants. You definitely have to invest in good video editing program. As you do not have to spend countless bucks on it, just be certain it’s all the fundamental features to do what you would like to do.

Speaking of applications, you may also need a fantastic screen recorder. Debut Screen Recorder is a wonderful and inexpensive alternative that lets you add captions to your own videos.

Debut screen recorder

If you are going to be on videos or camera outside screen recording, you will also need a fantastic camera. You could definitely begin with your smart phone if you are using a high-end camera cell phone.

But if you are going to record your audio in video, ensure that you invest in a nice mic. Your sound quality significantly affects your overall audio quality, therefore this is a important element.

Create Your Own Channel and optimise

If you currently have one, it is still possible to follow the following step to optimise it.

Decide on a channel name that is unique yet tricky. You might also use your name, if that is more preferable for you.

By way of instance, have a peek at Village Food Secrets‘s channel outline. It is descriptive yet directly to this point. he explain his work into short paragraph so that it’s simpler to see.

Village Food Secrets

You may include some key words within the description in a means that is natural. This can make it much easier for folks to find you when they hunt for stated keywords.

Utilize a freelance graphic artist to make a channel icon along with a banner which visually contrasts with your own voice. Or you may use tools such as Snappa to quickly design your personal channel artwork.

Though your channel artwork does not necessarily need to be elaborate, it ought to be recognisable. Use this artwork consistently in your channel’s social networking profiles so individuals can instantly recognise you.

Upload and Discover Learn things from Your Very First Video

As soon as you’ve set up and optimized your channel, you should begin creating and uploading your very first video. Pick out of the video ideas list and make a video that will instantly catch the viewer’s interest.

Additionally, it is important to be aware that however long and effort that you put into your very first video, it may not be ideal. That is the challenge that each aspiring YouTuber encounters when they begin. The best method to conquer this challenge would be to find out from it.

Observe what would audience like and what exactly are they complaining about? Do they have some invaluable feedback about the best way best to enhance your following videos?

Each these observations can allow you to create even greater video which will appeal to your intended audience.

However, your job does not end here. You will also have to construct your social networking presence so you’re able to draw in a much larger audience. Social networking can allow you to niche your videos and distribute them to individuals that aren’t contributors to your channel.

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