Affiliate Marketing India : Earn upto $1000 per referral commission

affiliate marketing India

The internet is overflowing with affiliate marketers in India and all over the world who claim to make millions of dollars in affiliate marketing. Not all of them are true, but most are. The question is how to do it. Frankly, it’s not magic. Successful Affiliate marketer in India not only know the “how” but they also know “where” that’s the major difference.

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As beginners, many are looking for “how to become an affiliate marketer” but do not know where to start. Check out this article to see the most profitable and best affiliate programs in India anyone can sign up for and earn passively.

For your convenience all these programs are categorized into different groups. You can choose all programs that suit your area of ​​specialization.

Best Affiliate Programs for Web Hosting

People all over the world want to have their own website. If you’re blogging, filming, or writing blogging tips, try all the programs listed here. People want to build their own website, but they don’t know where to start.

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If you can blog with profitable hosting and domain name, sign up for these programs and grow your audience. Additionally, web hosting affiliate programs offer better rewards and longer cookie lifetimes. A profitable way to do this is to make money as an affiliate.

AccuWeb Hosting

Since its inception in 2003, AccuWeb Hostnig is providing world-class hosting services to its global clients. They also offer a multi-layer affiliate program which offers a commission starting from $20 up to $200.

Along with that, affiliates can earn a PPC-based commission which means, you will be paid for transferring the visitors to AccuWeb’s website even if they do not purchase anything. You can choose from their best-selling hosting services to promote, such as shared hosting, VPS hosting, reseller hosting, and dedicated servers.

Benefits of joining their affiliate program:

 Easy to promote their most selling hosting services.
– Extended 90 days of cookie life.
– No cap of earning.
– Super speedy 24*7 unbeatable technical support.
– Access to all the marketing and training material.
– Easy to use dashboard.
– And much more.


Hastinger is a very affordable and popular web hosting provider. There are many discounts on hosting prices during the sale period. It is the perfect web host for beginners. People usually buy shared web hosting, premium hosting, and VPS hosting. If you have such a client, start with Hastinger.

Commission: Upto 60% per sale

Cookie Duration: 30 days


This seems to be the best option for many people choosing a web hosting partner in India. This is because of the good web hosting programs that start at $65 per referral. The company paid nearly $5 million in taxes last year and immediately took over the subsidiary. The following tips explain why Bluehost is so popular with Indian web hosting partners. Sending visitors who stay on your blog or website to Blue Host can help you relax.

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  • Easy signups
  • No cap on the earnings
  • 24/7 Dedicated and free support, and on time payments

Average Commision: $65 to $130 per sale

Cookie duration: 90 days


The portal is famous for adhering to the slogan “ou spread the word we’ll take care of the rest”;. If you can get your friends and colleagues to join DreamHost, trust that host.

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This way you will definitely have money. Earn Up To $97 And Extra $5 per referral . The Best part is get only one subscriber per month and earns $1,164 per year. The best part is that you don’t have to be a customer to be a partner.


The operating system gave you instant access to the best affiliate hosting programs in India through a simple registration process web hosting programs.

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They are known for simple, easy-to-understand rates and timely payments by check or PayPal. Prices range from $50 to $125 per month with 1 to 20 subscriptions per month. It helps you set up the necessary equipment to Kick start.

Commission: 10% to 20% per sale

Cookie Duration: 60 Days


Whether you have a blog, website or newsletter, GoDaddy can be a web hosting company. The site has access to the best affiliate web hosting programs in India, allowing fans Earn big with their affiliate program.

 GoDaddy says goodbye to random banners that can ruin the look of your blog or website. This option allows you to choose from a variety of banners and texts that perfectly complement your website.

You won’t lose anything on GoDaddy because no obligations to register. No minimum cost or minimum purchase requirements.

Commission: 10 15% per sale

Cookie Duration: 45 Days

Ecommerce Affiliate Programs

Ecommerce have a huge potentials now a days. Customers prefer to order online and wait at the door. You can now sign up for an ecommerce affiliate program where people buy your products every day.

It’s good to rely on bloggers and guides who regularly recommend products to their audience. Remember that we only list the right products as you can add more value to your content.

Amazon Associates

Amazon is the largest e-commerce brand in the world. Sign up for Amazon’s affiliate  marketing program using your existing Amazon account. Amazon India is the most popular destination for all types of shoppers. You can literally get anything on Amazon.

Affiliate organizations have their own links if they can promote their own links that can be promoted on blogs and channels. The damage is small, but the demand is high. Therefore, the success rate is very high. After you sign up for the program, you can easily add a link to your website using Sitestrip.

Amazon allows you to create custom text links, text and image links, and image-only links to the products you need. Commission offered varies from 0.2% to 10% depending on the product.

The Amazon Affiliate Program provides a commission for other products that users purchase after clicking on a business link. For example, if you promote a cooker and a user clicks on a link to purchase an cooker, you may also receive a commission by sending traffic to Amazon.


Flipkart is the Indian e-commerce platform . This is the second largest e-commerce platform and the products you buy here are more widely accepted as buyers. People love to buy products from Flipkart.

Flipkart is one of the largest e-commerce companies in India. Flipkart’s referral fees for desktop/mobile websites and mobile apps are paid differently. The average commision offered varies from 6% to 20% depending on the product category.

 Flipkart offers a variety of partner tools such as banners, widgets and APIs to list Flipkart offers/products on your website/app. You can use instant Flipkart reports to monitor your referral link and conversion performance.


Snapdeal is another e-commerce platform where people shop for discounts and lifestyle products. The product is generally good, but sometimes the product is not of high quality.

Therefore, the product should only be recommended if you used that product. It offers upto 10% commission on sale and offer 24 hour cookie duration.


eBay is an international online platform where you can buy and sell millions of products and services. However, direct selling is not the only way to make money on eBay. This is an easy way to make money using eBay .

On eBay people comes to sell and earn passive income. For those who don’t have inventory to sale, you can earn money with ebay affiliate program, they have variety of products.  It offers 24 hours cookie duration.

Website affiliate programs

Another common way to grow as an affiliate marketer is by building a website. Because people are looking for better ways to grow.

Today, there are platforms like Wix and Squarespace that allow you to seamlessly optimize your website without programming knowledge, and there are many web services that people need but don’t know about. Below is a list of affiliate programs that offer excellent online services for the benefit of all potential customers.


Wix is ​​a cloud-based web development service provider. Anyone can easily create their dream page with drag and drop. Affiliate programs have some good commission. As their popularity grows, you can start earning money by signing up as an affiliate member.

The Wix affiliate program pays $100 for each premium user referred. Most importantly, do not limit the number of referral to the site. It doesn’t matter which premium plan you sell. Wix offers 10-20% commission on each sale and have cookie duration 30 days.


HubSpot affiliates can easily earn commissions for customer referrals by using referral links in content such as emails, blog posts, and web pages. By participating in this program, you can easily add new value to your website and visitors while creating new revenue opportunities.

Affiliates can integrate HubSpot products and content into education, email, blogs, and social media posts to generate new revenue streams by appealing to business audiences with HubSpot products. Everyone you know will support your SME’s further growth.

When you become a HubSpot Partner, you get paid for all HubSpot sales. Take advantage of what our affiliate program has to offer, including affiliate links in your content. It’s a great way to earn huge amount using HubSpot affiliate, they offer up to $1000 per sale.  And 90 days cookie duration.


Squarespace has an affiliate program. Impact is a highly regarded hosting affiliate network. Explore the pros and cons, fees, cookie duration and program details. Affiliates may receive higher commissions. Squarespace pays from $100 to $200 per plan.

However, there is no cost to purchase or test a domain. Affiliate members also receive a 45-day cookie. My biggest complaint with some programs is the simplicity of the cookie/conversion window. Squarespace’s 45-day benchmark is longer than the industry standard of 30 days, but with a lower commission payment limit, 60-90 days are more profitable. You can get payout if you have more than $10 or equivalent in your local currency. Partners receive payments in their bank and PayPal accounts.


Not only is BigCommerce one of the best ecommerce platforms. They strongly support their customers and build meaningful relationships with relevant partners. BigCommerce software technology is powered by Impact.

To get started, you need to fill out a sponsorship application. It only takes 2 minutes and it’s free. Get referral commissions with our high-paying affiliate program. BigCommerce’s design is perfect for affiliate marketing companies. Affiliates receive a 200% referral fee for each referral program benefit and $1,500 for each referral.

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